5 Important Things to Know about Child Support in Australia

Child support is an awkward time for families considering divorce and most parents don’t know where to start on this subject. Below you can find all the information you need to get started. Considering that child support falls under a legal eye it is suggested that you understand the requirements so that you have the best possible outcome. If you’re in Western Australia and  want someone you can rely on to talk about the situation then consider consulting a reputable family lawyer in Perth.

1: How you Apply for Child Support

If you believe that you are eligible to apply for child support then there are different methods you can go about it. The first approach is contacting the assessors directly through the website. The Australian website contains all the information described here and the legal documents regarding the matter like forms and applications. Browsing the child support website you can find the links for you to submit the required information so that they can assess it and get back to you. The other method is to call them directly through child support general enquiries and speak to someone about your predicament.

2: How Child Support Is Calculated

For a lot of single parents, the amount they earn from child support helps keep food on the table, knowing how it is broken down is important. The assessment consists of three parts. First, the government workers judge the income of both parents and then the combined income. Next is learning how much time the parent spends with and cares for the child. Lastly, they look at the age of the child as well as areas like school cost, club costs and more. Knowing this information means that if you believe their judgement was wrong you can discuss it with child support lawyers about objecting it.

3: When Will The Child Support End

The age at when you have to stop paying child support is based around if the parents agreed for a certain time otherwise its default. If left unspecified then when the child turns 18 they are considered an adult and child support requirements will end. If you want to discuss with the other party about potentially extending the age to when the child finishes their second school then this is also allowed.

4: The Consequences Of Not Paying Child Support

Not paying child support can lead to an increase in the potential payments you would have to make, make a note not to forget. If you or the other party have forgotten to pay their child support then you have two different approaches. If the parent cannot pay the child support due to a lack of income then discussing their situation with the child support general enquiry line can allow the payment to be made in increments over time. Otherwise, if the parent has missed out entirely then another payment has to be made to the government on top of paying for the missed child support packet. If the late payment wasn’t long after then the government may not apply the fine.

5: Who To Talk To For Assistance

Child support discussions can be difficult which is why having a lawyer to discuss it with is suggested. Child support lawyers can help provide the assistance you need with both the documents required as well as providing other information that may be required. They are worth the affordable price point and are fully qualified to help you with moving past this part in your relationship.

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