5 Situations that you can’t tackle without a lawyer – Are you in any of them already?

Being handed a traffic ticket is a legal issue. Hitting someone in a road accident that leads to death or severe injury is also one. The ‘accused’ in both these legal cases have varied situations but only one of them will need to rush to a lawyer to fight for their defense. 

There are extreme cases and smaller ones and so there are a plethora of legal matters which don’t need any kind of legal representation. But are you aware of the situations when you might need a lawyer and when you don’t? If not, keep reading.

  • An offensive and complicated divorce

When there is a couple that mutually decides to agree on each and every detail of a divorce, there is not any immediate intervention of a lawyer required. However, whenever there are concerns like investment, savings, property division, child custody arrangements, debt, or child support, it is only a fool who will neglect the services of a lawyer. 

  • Workplace discrimination or improper termination

In cases of improper termination or workplace discrimination, there are both federal and state laws that play a vital role. Not many laymen understand the rules and hence it automatically becomes necessary for the victim to hire a lawyer who is qualified enough to carry the case to the court. A sexual harassment attorney is often required for workplace harassment cases. 

  • Driving Under Influence (DUI)

DUI is considered a grave charge which can lead to consequences like hefty fines, loss of license, jail time, or even a combination of the three. If you’re accused of DUI, you need to hire an experienced lawyer who can meet with the prosecutor and help you in reducing the charges, particularly in a situation where you’ve committed this offense for the first time. Don’t make the mistake of taking such cases to the court without a lawyer. 

  • Vehicle accident that leads to injury

Have you been involved in an accident that occurred due to the negligence of another person? If answered yes, the insurance company of that person will try their best to settle the claim as soon as they can. Don’t get involved in all this. Since you don’t have enough knowledge of the laws and the accurate compensation rates, hire a seasoned attorney as they have a clear idea of the same. So, in case of a car accident, don’t speak to anyone but an attorney. 

  • Criminal charges

It is always an intimidating experience to face a criminal charge. It is even scarier as you won’t know your rights. For full protection of your rights as the accused, get the help of a lawyer so that you are defended properly, irrespective of whether you’re guilty or not. 

So, if you’re involved in any of the above-listed cases and you don’t know what to do, call your lawyer. Make sure he has enough experience in dealing with the specific case as this decides his success rate.

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