Car Accident Claim Settlement: How Long Does It Take?

After a brutal car accident, it is obvious to think about the settlement claim. It can get financially challenging for you to get through the car damage and the medical bills. In such a case, wondering how long it will take to get compensation is pretty standard. Settling a car accident claim does not have a fixed deadline. Sometimes it may take weeks or months, so getting a car accident lawyer would help you a lot.

However, there are a few steps you can take from your end to make sure things escalate quickly. Still, many factors may affect the period to get your compensation.

The period of your medical care

If your injuries are too deep, it may take a little more time for you to recover, and the insurance company can’t determine the overall costs of all your medical bills unless you are fully recovered. It may get challenging to wait, but do not rush into it, or you may have to settle for less than you deserve.

The availability of evidence

If the evidence, such as a police report, pictures after the accident, or eyewitnesses clearly state that the other party is the one to be blamed, the whole process will move very quickly. Often the evidence is not available or not very clear, which might give them a chance to fight the settlement, in turn, longing for the whole process.

Negligent third party

If the third party refuses to accept any claims made, you will need to file a lawsuit that might even go to trial. Once the case goes to trial, there is no sure way of telling how long it will take for you to get your compensation.

The reputation of the insurance company

Many insurance companies have a history of fighting all the car accident settlement claims so that they can keep you hanging until you give up and settle for far less than you deserve. In such cases, a well-experienced attorney can help you the most.

The amount of damage and the insurance limit

In cases where the amount of damage is more than the insurance limit, the insurance companies settle way too quickly, even before you are fully recovered. But if the situation is the opposite, the insurance company will again wait you out until you give up.

If you or your friends or family are involved in a car accident and have to pay emotionally and physically for someone else’s wrong deeds, you must get the compensation you deserve. It might look uncertain how long it takes to, but your whole process will escalate quickly with patience and an excellent experienced lawyer.

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