Divorce In Virginia – Is There a Sunny Side?

Divorce can feel like the ending of a life chapter while it opens doors for many positive beginnings. It all depends on the challenges marital life bought in their lives. Even if it is freeing for many people, emotional traumas and uncertainty regarding future life can feel chaotic. On top of the mental chaos, you also have to deal with the legal aspects of the divorce.

You can easily find reliable Virginia divorce law firms like John W. Lee. P. C. They have offices in Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Their experienced and compassionate attorneys can handle the legal course of your divorce process. They specialize in family laws and help you find justice when it comes to asset division, which is the most controversial issue that one can face during divorce proceedings.

Perks of Single Life that Follows the Divorce Process

  • You can choose to live in Virginia, shift places, or even travel overseas.
  • Relationships can sometimes be mentally exhausting, being single can de-clutter your mind from all the chaos that you had to go through.
  • You can choose to be single, date again, flirts freely, and yet remained unattached from commitments for as long as you like.
  • Insecure partners can make life difficult. Setting free from such insecurities brings a lot of positive life changes.
  • You can join a gym, lose weight, get a makeover, or wear clothes of your preference and you need not consult or worry about hurting anyone in the process.
  • Self-love becomes easier when you are single.
  • Single life can help you in focusing on your priorities and you may find parts of yourself again that you felt were lost when you were in a relationship.

Divorce also brings some financial gains including:

  • There are no more disputes over finances, you can spend and save as per your requirements.
  • You can get early access to use your retirement fund without needing to pay the penalty linked to early withdrawals.
  • Women after divorce can take calculated moves with their investments are found to gain better than their male counterparts who follow more aggressive techniques.
  • For children whose parents got divorced, getting financial aid from colleges in Virginia becomes easier.
  • If you were married for more than a decade or if you were divorced at 62 plus years of age, you can individually claim for spousal benefits.
  • You can prioritize your finances to fulfill your life goals.

Although it can seem disheartening initially, there are many perks of living a single financially independent life.

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