Here’s Why You Have To Hire A Uber Accident Lawyer

Whenever booking ridesharing rides, you expect to be safe. However, even when you drive with the best Uber driver out there, you can still be in an accident.

The big problem, according to an experienced Philadelphia Uber accident lawyer, is that people instantly expect Uber to be liable if an accident happens. This is not actually the case in various situations. The drivers of ridesharing services are not employees of companies like Uber or Lyft. Such a thing automatically complicates liability.

Because of several possible complications, you might feel overwhelmed to file a claim after an Uber accident. This is completely understandable but you should do it and you should hire an experienced Uber accident attorney to help you. Here is why.

You Were Injured

This is actually enough of a reason to hire an attorney to help you. Laws do vary from one case to the next, like if you were inside the Uber vehicle or not. Also, insurance companies are going to try to settle your claims very fast, usually with little financial support offered.

Remember that you have to heal from your injuries and this is the most important thing at the end of the day. This can have a huge impact on your finances. The personal injury claim filed against the party at fault can help you recover from your injury and protect your financial future.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of accident victims. This is even more prevalent when talking about large businesses like Uber. Insurance firms know that lawsuits can lead to large financial compensation so they do all they can to speed up the process. Without the help of a personal injury attorney that dealt with Uber insurance firms in the past, you might end up agreeing to a much lower settlement than you could actually receive.

When you are represented by the Uber accident attorney, they discuss the case with the involved insurance companies. You simply cannot be taken advantage of.

Your Focus Should Be To Heal

Last but not least, we have to understand that insurance laws are very complex. If we discuss insurance that involves Uber drivers, things get even more complicated because of the employment nature of the drivers. You will surely have to discuss the case with insurance adjusters and if you are injured, this in itself can be very complicated.

If you decide to hire an Uber accident attorney, you can stay focused on healing. You will not miss an appointment with your doctors because you have to discuss the case from a legal point of view with other attorneys and insurance companies. Basically, the attorney will take care of all your legal procedures for you as you can go to the doctors who will help you recover.

At the end of the day, after being injured in an Uber accident, the worst thing you could do is not discuss the case with an attorney who has experience with situations like the one you are in. Always do this.

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