How Does The Lawyer Add Value To My Company?

Every company needs legal assistance in several areas of law. In the development of their business activity, entrepreneurs need legal guidelines of different natures, such as:

Business Law:

The guidance of a legal body specialized in meeting business demand is necessary to ensure security in the planning and celebration of business and investments, respecting the forms of the law. The corporate lawyer is essential since companies constantly need lawyers to provide advice in this area, prepare and analyze contracts, monitor processes, participate in hearings, foresee risks, and act to ensure the company’s good coexistence with its environment in a morally and socially just manner.

In the initial phase of an enterprise, when the future partners intend to initiate a certain investment, it is the business lawyer’s role to understand the planned strategy and thus analyze all the information provided and propose the most appropriate legal model for the business.

After analyzing and outlining the best legal structure for the enterprise, it will be necessary to conclude several deals. At that moment, the business lawyer like the Sequoia Legal business attorneys for instance must warn himself about the risks in each business, analyzing and suggesting the best way and thus formalizing the decisions through a contract. Only with a lawyer will you know which rules and essential topics the contract has.

International Business

When a company intends to invest abroad, or a foreign company intends to invest in Brazil, and even if there is a deal between companies from different countries, we are talking about international business. In this area, greater caution should be exercised, as inevitably, one of the sides will be negotiating based on the laws of another country, which has repercussions on legal liability, taxation, and even the effectiveness of compliance with contractual stipulations, which must be taken into account by the entrepreneur.

In these deals, the lawyer will negotiate and draft contracts in legal English, and knowledge of the culture and institutions of different countries is recommended. This last detail can make all the difference in international negotiation, in which, more than business, people are dealt with.

In addition to these issues, there are several other issues in which the entrepreneur will feel the need for the guidance of a lawyer in the business field, such as protection of copyright, trademarks, patents, IT and telecommunications law, and economic criminal law, among others. Lawyers play a fundamental role in the strategies adopted by entrepreneurs, who, aware of the legal repercussions of their business, are more capable of scaling risks, making decisions, and making their business prosper.

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