Jack Buchanan Las Vegas: Victims of Crime Have Rights Too, What Are They?

Jack Buchanan Las Vegas Shows That Victims in Nevada Have Rights Too

 1. Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Jack Buchanan Las Vegas breaks down what domestic violence involves according to NRS 33.018-33.030 (Nevada Revised Statutes).

First, domestic violence occurs through the following:

  • Battery; it’s when an aggressor (the one wanting to cause you harm) touches you against your will
  • Assault
  • A forced act
  • Sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • False imprisonment
  • Unlawful entry

Second, as Jack Buchanan Las Vegas notes, the law considers domestic violence if the following groups of people harm you.

  • A spouse
  • A former spouse
  • Blood relative
  • Relative by marriage, present or former housemate
  • A person with whom a victim is having a dating relationship or has had a child in common (parents jointly responsible for the child’s upkeep).

Third, Nevada law gives you the right as a victim of domestic violence to apply for an Order of Protection to the courts to prevent further injury to yourself.

2. Child Victim or Witness Expedited Hearing

As Jack Buchanan Las Vegas observes, if the victim or witness is aged 16 or younger, the court may decide to speed up the trial date. It’ll do this after taking into account the health status of the minor; emotional & mental. It means a victim who’s a child has the right to a swift trial.

3. Juvenile Sex Offenders

According to Jack Buchanan Las Vegas when a minor’s (younger person) crime for a sexual offense has been finalized in the courts, a probation officer must supervise them. And the sexual offender must not go to the same school as the victim if the court can’t develop another supervision plan to protect the victim’s interests and safety. The victim has the right not to interact with the offender.

4. Domestic Violence and Advice By the Police

Jack Buchanan Las Vegas says that when a police officer is called to a scene where it’s believed there’s domestic violence, they should clarify to the offender why they’re being arrested as per Nevada law. The police should also inform the victim about possible ways of preventing further injury, their right to press charges and to seek a Protection Order. Again, the victim needs to know where they can get emergency help and shelter, adds Jack Buchanan Las Vegas.

5. Prohibiting Defendants’ Contact With the Victim

After the court has sentenced the offender, the law doesn’t allow them to have any contact with the victim or witness, stresses Jack Buchanan Las Vegas. Barring the offender is part of their condition for probation.

6. Protection From Threats of Further Harm to the Victim

Should the victim or witness in a criminal case feel that they could be harmed or they’re threats of harm, they must tell the prosecutor. The prosecutor will then write to the police or sheriff asking them to probe the issue and do everything in their power to protect the victim, explains Jack Buchanan Las Vegas.

President of Buchanan Defense Law and its sole practitioner for the firm, Jack Buchanan Las Vegas has been practicing criminal law since 2009 in the same state. Experienced, dedicated, and passionate about defending many people, he has helped individuals gain their freedom in Las Vegas.

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