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Possible Hernia Surgery Complications& Reasons for lawsuits

Hernia is a painful medical condition affecting thousands of people yearly. There are various types of treatments and invasive procedures to remedy the issue. However, only a few people undergo hernia surgeries to correct the issue. And this is due to the many reported cases of complications arising after hernia repair surgeries.

What are the distinct types of hernia surgeries?

There are various types of hernia surgeries; these are the inguinal hernia and the umbilical hernia surgery. The inguinal hernia affects the groin area, while the umbilical hernia affects the bellybutton.

The mode of operation depends on the severity of the issue. And the surgery may be performed in different ways. The inguinal hernia surgery is more invasive and involves a large incision, with a more extended recovery period.

What are the possible compilations resulting from hernia surgeries?

The common hernia complications include issues with urinating, bleeding and infections. Recurrence is also common, and the problems develop in both laparoscopic and open procedures. In most cases, the bleeding occurs after the surgery and in unusual. The main hernia complications are;

  1. Hernia mesh failures

As mentioned earlier, hernia treatment involves the use of hernia mesh. However, there have been numerous recalls in the past few years, and most hernia mesh products have been barred from the public. What’s more? The cases revolving around hernia mesh failures have significantly grown over the years.

With the high cases of hernia mesh failures, it’s advisable to know the common hernia mesh failure symptoms.

These include;

  • Bloating
  • Inability to pass stool
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Soreness on the surgical area
  1. Erectile dysfunction

Some men have erectile dysfunction after undergoing hernia surgeries. This results from restricted blood flow, and the patient may have issues getting aroused. The patient may also experience discoloration of the scrotum and testicular size changes. Is this serious? Of course! These can be signs of hernia mesh rejection and can affect one’s self-esteem and relationships.

  1. Hernia recurrence

There are different types of hernia treatments. Mesh implants are commonly used and are associated with lower recurrence rates. However, hernia recurrence is a common complication resulting from mesh migration and muscle wall perforation.

  1. Revision surgeries

Hernia mesh failure and hernia recurrence may involve multiple surgeries to remove the hernia mesh and correct the condition. Such surgeries are painful and involve more recovery time. This then translates to lost wages and additional medical expenses. There’s also an increased risk of the patient developing more complications in the future.

Why file a surgical mesh lawsuit?

As mentioned earlier hernia surgeries can result in many compilations. The reported cases involve mesh products that have since been recalled by the FDA and are no longer available in the market.

 If you have suffered injuries from such devices, you can file a hernia lawsuit to seek compensation for the damages. However, following up such cases requires the expertise of an attorney. The expert will aid you in filing a lawsuit, and offer the right legal representation.

Final thoughts

If you have undergone hernia surgery and suspect hernia mesh complications, seek prompt medical attention. The doctor will examine the cause of the problem and offer appropriate treatment. In case of injuries resulting from the surgery, contact a lawyer for further guidance.

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