Reasons Every Manufacturer Should Install Industrial Curtains

Workplaces can subject workers to various health hazardous situations. While it is upon every individual to take care of themselves, employers also have a significant role in guaranteeing employee safety. The law requires measures to prevent workers from getting hurt, especially in manufacturing industries. One of the major precautions a manufacturer can take involves installing industrial curtain in warehouses. Besides protecting the workers, industrial curtains also protect work equipment from damage. This article will provide the benefits of installing industrial curtains in the workplace.

What Are Industrial Curtains?

Also known as warehouse curtains, industrial curtains provide a great way of saving money both through low cost of installation and production. Additionally, these curtains will lower your expenses by insulating your premises, thus saving cash on your energy bills.

Industrial curtains include materials that help partition your industrial space for a more efficient workspace. The versatility of the divider curtain makes them an incredibly popular tool for manufacturing. Industrial curtains are usually made from lightweight materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fabric or wood. However, PVC is the most prevalent material as it has numerous benefits over others. For instance, vinyl curtains are relatively heavy yet very flexible; therefore, they always fall together to form a seamless partition.

Are There Situations Where Industrial Curtains Might Be More Effective Than Others?

Primarily, there are situations where warehouse curtains can be more effective than others. For instance, processing and packaging require different operation areas with different room temperatures in most food manufacturing plants. In addition to specific room temperature requirements, the areas will likely need access between them with small vehicles and pedestrian access. Thus, industrial curtains provide constant access without heat transfer from one area to the other.

On the other hand, if you were to install a door, it would be more expensive since it must be insulated. While you might choose to cut costs and employ a manual door, it will still not be effective enough as it consumes a lot of time opening and closing. Also, it provides more room for air to enter and leave the room.

Benefits of Industrial Curtains

They Are Economical

PVC strip curtains are the cheapest among the various industrial barriers present in the market. Therefore, this makes them a great option, especially for people on a tight budget. You will achieve your goals at the minimum cost possible. Again, these curtains are ideal for people who want to add an extra protective barrier to their work premises.

Easy for Workers to Pass Through

Are you in a high-traffic environment that needs protection? Industrial curtains allow your workers to pass through easily, following their flexibility. This way, pedestrians and small vehicles in the warehouse can be pushed through effortlessly. Consequently, when a person or an object passes through the curtain, it falls back in place on its own to form the partition wall again.

Moreover, since PVC curtains can be completely transparent, you can move quickly from one section to another while observing the safety and health guidelines. Collisions and accidents are also reduced since one can see the other side of the curtain.

Help Isolate Noise

Another advantage you will enjoy from industrial curtains is noise reduction. While some machines may produce stressful noise, they still need to operate. Carefully positioning these curtains in your factory or warehouse can create a barrier to noise from specific work areas. This way, other employees in the building can carry out their tasks without distractions, thus increasing productivity.

Helps Control Temperatures

Different areas of the warehouse will require to stay at varying room temperatures. Usually, freezers and fridges need to be prevented from losing cold. On the other hand, the employee must be prevented from coming into contact with the cold in other work areas. Fortunately, an industrial curtain creates a barrier that prevents air from entering or exiting a specific location.

Eliminate Movement of Contaminants

Industrial vinyl curtains help sustain a clean work environment for each individual. This is because they prevent the relocation of contaminants such as fumes, smoke, dirt and dust from one place to another. Therefore, your workers and industrial equipment will be safe from hazardous contaminants.

Also, industrial curtains create a barrier against pests which could be destructive, especially in food production industries. These pests include mosquitoes, flies and birds.

Low and Easy Maintenance

No one wants to install curtains that will consume their entire saving and time in the name of maintenance. Industrial curtains involve simple maintenance procedures, and they are durable as well. Thus, you will spend very little cash on maintenance.

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