Recent Updates for Ohio Notaries: A Complete Guide

Interested in becoming a notary public? You’re not alone. As the demand for notaries has increased, so has the number of people looking to enter the field.

Changes in technology have brought new opportunities for notaries to witness signatures on the Internet. In 2020, lockdown and “shelter in place” orders had people looking for an online notary service to safely sign paperwork.

As a result, states have made changes to their notary process. Ohio notaries saw changes beginning in 2019. If you’re an Ohio resident hoping to become a notary, this guide can help you navigate the updated process.

What Is an Online Notary?

An online notary meets with people virtually in order to serve as a witness to document signing. A notary seal is necessary on some documents to deter fraud. Rather than doing this in person, you can do this through audio-visual software on the Internet.

An online notary service can help people obtain a seal even if they are home-bound, ill, or otherwise unable to meet in person. It also reduces the hassle of going to a physical location when people are busy.

There are multiple options available if you wish to serve as an online notary. You can serve as an individual who performs an online notary service. There are also opportunities to work for remote online notary companies.

Changes for Ohio Notaries

In 2019, Ohio State made changes to its notary commissioning process. You can access a full list of current requirements and processes on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.

Under these new changes, a notary public must submit their renewal application before the expiration date of their current commission. Failure to do so means you’ll have to apply again as a new notary.

You’ll also need to report any offenses that might disqualify you from serving as a notary. Additionally, you will need to submit a criminal record check.

One exciting change allows all active notaries in the state to perform notary public online services. You do need additional authorization in order to do so, however.

The changes allow notaries to charge more for their services, up to $25.00 for an online notarization act.

The new changes were made in part to make sure notaries had the necessary education to properly do their jobs. Therefore, new notaries have to take a 3-hour class, and existing ones have to take a 1-hour class for renewal. When people know how to do their job correctly, everyone can be confident that documents are properly notarized.

Become a remote online notary in Ohio today. You will help prevent fraud and provide an invaluable service to people who cannot get documents notarized in person.

Become a Remote Notary Today

The need for remote documentation comes with a need for online notaries. Veteran Ohio notaries and new applicants can both benefit from the updates made to the process.

If you’re an Ohio resident looking to become an online notary, Ohio Online Notary Service can help. Contact them today and take steps to get certified.

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