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Steps to take when involved in an Accident with a Large Vehicle

It can be daunting to know the right steps to take after being involved in an accident with a bus or truck. Seek medical attention if injured, and at the same time, you can hire the services of truck accident attorneys in Houston, Tx, to pursue legal action.

Protect your Legal Rights

Accidents involving large vehicles can be catastrophic. Whenever the incident happens with a smaller car, the damage is more significant than when the accident involves two trucks or buses. The first thing to do is ensure that you and the passengers are okay; seek medical care for checkups and treatment of sustained injuries. Let us look at the steps to follow when looking to take legal action;

Seek Medical Attention

An evaluation by a medical practitioner is essential in identifying any internal or external injuries. The procedure is vital since you might be having an injury that is yet to show symptoms. Ensure that you visit your doctor for further tests after the initial ones at the scene.

Report to the Police

By dialing 911, the operator connects you to the local police. They will respond to the scene of the accident to record a statement. It is vital to give details about the accident so that you can find good help. Information about the number of vehicles and people involved in the accident helps know the number of paramedics to send.

Whether small or big, it is vital to report to the police whenever you are in an accident. The statement will act as evidence during the legal process.

Note the important information

This step happens when you have minor or no injuries. After the incident, get out of the care to ensure your safety on the road. Before the police can respond, it is vital to take photographic evidence if the other driver moves the car or decides to speed away. You can take down contact details of other people involved in the accident and any witnesses of the accident. Also, consider the factors that may have caused the accident.

Some of the vital information to ask are; full addresses and telephone number of the other driver. Note the driver’s license number and his/her insurance company. Do not forget to capture the vehicle’s licensing number on the plate.

Consider Appraising the Vehicle

Before repairing damages to your car, ensure that you clear with your insurance provider. It is essential to follow up with the insurance company and confirm that they will reimburse the costs. However, you can take the option of writing off the car.

The financial partners usually have strict guidelines when it comes to reporting accidents. By following the right steps, you will receive the correct pay for damages. It ensures that the agents do not find ways to deny you your legal right.


An attorney with background experience in truck accident cases is ideal for taking up legal procedures. The lawyer has the right skills to lodge the claim on your behalf.

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