The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

In order to make sure that you are getting the most out of your bankruptcy attorney, it is important to ask a few questions. If you have already decided on an attorney and want reassurance about this decision before filing for bankruptcy, these four questions should help. It can also help to view website for any more queries.

  1. Have you had experience with this type of bankruptcy before?

Your attorney should have experience with the specific type of bankruptcy you are filing for. If they haven’t had much experience, that’s not necessarily bad, but it is important to know.

If your attorney has limited experience with a certain type of bankruptcy, they may be able to refer you to another attorney who can help you with your case.

  1. Will you be representing me throughout the entire process?

Some attorneys will only represent you until your case is filed. After that, they may hand off the case to another attorney or paralegal in their office.

Make sure you know who will be handling your case and their role. It would help if you also asked how often you will meet with your attorney.

If you want an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who will handle all of the paperwork and negotiations, this is a good question to ask. But, on the other hand, if you would rather have someone help guide you through the process but leave some of the more technical aspects up to them, that’s okay too!

  1. What do I need to bring with me when we meet?

It would be best to ask your bankruptcy attorney what you will need before the meeting – and make sure that you have everything ready. This includes documents related to the case, such as pay stubs or tax returns (and W- etc.). Make a list of all necessary items beforehand to avoid surprises.

If you are paying by credit card, ask if your attorney accepts this form of payment (some do and some don’t). You should also find out what types of payments they accept.

  1. What will the cost of my case be?

Your bankruptcy attorney should give you a detailed estimate of your costs. You may have to pay some upfront fees, but this shouldn’t be more than $500-1000. If it is going to be much higher than that, think about whether hiring an experienced attorney is worth the expense before proceeding with your case.

In conclusion, bankruptcy attorneys should answer these four questions for you. If your attorney can’t or won’t, it may be time to find someone else to help with the case.

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