What Happens if a Driver Hits Your Car in Birmingham?

Even if you’re a competent driver and you do your best to stay safe on the roads, there’s no telling when you might need a car accident lawyer in Birmingham. Despite strict road safety laws and regulations, a significant number of road users still sustain injuries due to collisions and crashes.

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In fact, on average, a road traffic accident is reported every 3 minutes and 19 seconds in Alabama, which highlights just how frequently incidents occur. Due to this, it’s important to know what to do in the event of a crash and what happens if a driver hits your car in Birmingham. Read on to uncover what steps you should take if you’re involved in an accident on the road:

1. Seek Medical Help

Following a car accident, your first priority is your safety and the safety of those around you. If you or anyone else has been seriously hurt, contact 911 and ask for police and ambulance to be dispatched to your location. This will ensure that those affected can obtain medical treatment, but it also means that police can begin investigating the cause of the crash straight away. Additionally, police will take steps to secure the highway and prevent any other road users from being affected by the incident.

2. Leave the Highway Safely

Depending on the severity of the incident, you may be transported to the nearest ER via ambulance but, if your injuries aren’t serious, you may be able to remain at the scene. However, the scene of an accident can be a dangerous place to be, so be sure to take steps to protect yourself. If the police are in attendance, ask them for advice and assistance. You may need to contact a towing company so that your vehicle can be removed from the highway, for example, or get in touch with a friend or family member so that they can help you to get home.

3. Getting Legal Advice

When you’re involved in a car accident, it’s always worth getting legal advice. Firstly, a car accident lawyer will be able to protect your liability and prevent anyone from incorrectly blaming you for the collision. Secondly, they will be able to establish who is legally responsible for the incident and help you to take action against them.

If a driver hits your vehicle in Birmingham, for example, a car accident attorney can help you to establish a claim against them. By doing so, you can obtain financial compensation for the injuries or trauma you’ve experienced as a result of their actions or negligence.

Staying Safe on the Road

Following the rules of the road can help to prevent accidents occurring but you can’t always predict how other drivers will behave. By learning how to respond in the event of an accident and taking local First Aid classes, however, you can ensure that you’re well-equipped to cope with any eventualities. Not only will this enable you to respond to a situation effectively, but it will also boost your confidence and give you peace of mind that you’re able to deal with unexpected situations on the road.

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