What to Do After a Delivery Driver Accident 

Truck accidents are some of the most devastating. The trucks used in delivery are heavier compared to the other vehicles. They become even more dominant when loaded. Accidents involving such trucks can be fatal and also come with massive damage.

Even though you might need all the time to recover after such an accident, you still have to follow the right procedure to help you find rightful compensation in the end.

Here are what to do after an accident with a delivery driver;

  • Analyze the damage 

The first step after the accident is to understand the exact situation. Check if both you and the other driver are alright. Watch out for blood and other fatal injuries. In case of any extensive injuries, call a medical emergency immediately.

Next, assess the damage to the car. Take pictures and videos of the damages to the car and the location where the accident has occurred. You should also take pictures of your injuries and other elements that can prove vital for your claim. These pictures and videos will work as the main evidence when a Philadelphia truck accident attorney is filing for your compensation.

You can also talk to witnesses around the scene of the accident for more evidence. Collect their contact information in case of future references or when clarifications are needed.

  • Exchange information with the other driver 

Once you have ascertained the state of the car and have the necessary evidence, it’s time to exchange details with the other driver. Have their name, contact information, license number, addresses, plate number and insurance information. Also, find information on the owner of the vehicle if the driver is not the owner.

Counter check to ensure you get correct information as you will depend on it to ensure rightful compensation.

  • Call the police 

Every accident that happens it’s crucial that you contact the police. Other than a legal provision, the police help by taking the statements from the parties involved. You and the insurance company can then rely on the statement as part of the evidence later when filing for a lawsuit. The police also help in controlling the traffic around the accident scene.

Whatever data you give the police, restrict your information. Do not admit blame to the other party or the driver.

  • Call a truck accident attorney

The other crucial thing to do after a truck accident lawyer is to look for a lawyer. Having an expert is the only way to be assured of getting the rightful compensation after the accident. The lawyer takes time to ascertain the full extent of the damages before quoting any figures. They look into the car repair costs, medical expenses and the loss of income both current and in the future.

A truck accident can be complicated given that it might involve multiple parties like the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer and the shipper. Any of these parties can be at fault for the accident, There are also specific regulations that govern trucking. Only an expert Philadelphia truck accident attorney can help you establish fault then engage all the involved parties.

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