What to Do If You Slip and Fall at Work

Regardless of what job you do, when in the workplace, your employer has a duty of care to keep employees safe. Unfortunately, slips and falls are common at work, and they can happen for many reasons. Whether it’s because of a wet floor, torn carpeting, or broken floor tiles, if you’ve slipped and fallen in the workplace, here are some things you must do immediately, both to protect yourself and for your claim.

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Tend to Your Injuries

The single most important thing you must do after a slip and fall at work is to tend to your injuries. Whether you’ve got cuts and bruises or something more severe, your health and wellbeing should come before anything else. If other colleagues are there, they should get the first-aid kit and call an ambulance if you require immediate aid. Whatever you do, you mustn’t overlook your injuries. While you may appear ok on the outside, you could have internal bleeding. Before finding an injury lawyer in Rochester NY, taking care of yourself is vital.

Report the Accident

You must report your slip and fall accident to your supervisor or manager straight away. They need to be aware of what has happened, especially if you plan to make a compensation claim later. At this stage, you aren’t blaming any individual for the accident, but simply reporting what has gone on.

Take Photos

Photographic evidence of your slip and fall accident is crucial for your case. If you have visual evidence of what has happened, you won’t have to worry about management disputing your accident, or anyone not taking responsibility. Photographs are one of the best pieces of evidence that will strengthen your case, and show you’re telling the truth. If possible, you should take videos too, especially of your injuries.

Gather Evidence

As well as taking photos, there are other bits of evidence you can file together to build your slip and fall case. Whether it’s obtaining medical records from your doctor, collecting witness statements, or journaling your day-to-day encounters after your accident, getting your documents together and handing them over to a lawyer will show a connection between your injuries and how they were sustained in the accident.

Find a Lawyer

You must find a personal injury lawyer who has extensive knowledge and experience in slip and fall cases. If you’re not sure who to choose, there are transferable skills that all respected attorneys must possess. These include effective communication, active listening, and empathy, and compassion. You need to select a slip and fall lawyer who listens to what you say and can break down confusing law terminology into easy-to-follow terms. As long as you’re open and honest about your accident and adhere to what your lawyer says, you’ll stand a greater chance of getting compensation for your injuries.

Whether you’re a roofer, truck driver, shop assistant, or office worker, slip and fall accidents can occur in any workplace. If you get injured, you should follow the steps above, so you know what to do next.

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