What to Do If You’re Involved in a Car Accident in Boston

No matter how careful you are on the road or how long you’ve been driving, Boston car accidents can and do happen. If you’ve unfortunately become a victim of one, you must take the right steps in the immediate aftermath to ensure you are safe and get the justice and compensation you deserve. Dealing with a car accident starts at the scene, so here is a guide on what to do.

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Remain Calm

In the seconds that follow after a car accident, you must remain calm. If you begin to panic, this can stop you from accurately remembering the events that surrounded the accident. Should you hire a car accident lawyer in Boston, you’re going to need to remember everything you can to strengthen your case. Therefore, keeping your cool and taking a minute to adjust to what has happened will help later down the line.

Check for Injuries

Before calling 911, you need to check yourself and other passengers in your car for visible injuries. If someone appears hurt and in distress, you need to reassure them and do what you can to keep them calm and comfortable until help arrives. If anyone is seriously injured, they must stay in the same position until the ambulance arrives.

Call 911

Whether the car accident is classed as a minor or major collision, you must call the police. In some states, it is a legal requirement to do so. When the officers arrive, they will fill out an accident report which can be used as evidence in your case later on. You must also call an ambulance and visit the hospital to get checked over. Your medical records will play a major part in strengthening your case and getting compensation.

Exchange Information

Exchanging contact and insurance information with others at the scene is one of the most important things you can do after your car accident. As well as names and insurance info, obtaining the other driver’s phone number, model and make of their vehicle, and details for any witnesses at the scene will help in winning your case.

Document the Accident

Documenting the scene of the car accident will be vital when your case goes to court. The more evidence you have behind you, the better. Therefore, make sure you identify the officers who arrive at the scene, take photographs of your injuries and damage sustained to your vehicle, and keep a journal to write down your experience.

Seek Legal Help

If you’ve sustained major injuries and have had to take time off work, or it was only a minor car accident, you must seek legal help and hire a car accident lawyer in Boston to handle your case. To ensure you’ve found the right person for the job, they must be an excellent communicator and put your needs first.

After a car accident, even the most seasoned driver can become frazzled and confused. However, following the guide above will not only put your health and wellbeing at the forefront, but ensure you get justice for your injuries.

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