Why Live Scan Fingerprinting Is The Gold Standard For Criminal Background Checks

Employers and organizations that run these background checks require candidates or employees to provide their fingerprints after being employed or at the time of application. Usually, the candidate needs to have their fingerprints scanned and then checked against a Department of Justice (DOJ) or FBI database. Then, the agency returns any matching criminal records found. Lawmakers and employers often prefer the live scan fingerprinting process because it ensures more thorough and accurate background checks. In this article, we’ll look at why live scan fingerprinting is the gold standard for criminal background checks.

Why Live Scan Fingerprinting Is the Gold Standard for Criminal Background Checks

The livescan fingerprinting technique is the process where your fingerprint is captured digitally by a scanner and electronically transmitted to the DOJ or FBI. This process doesn’t involve the use of ink to capture the unique traits of your fingertips. Livescan fingerprinting is different from the traditional ink and roll process, which includes rolling your fingertip into ink and then stamping the inked fingers on a fingerprint card.

With the advancement in inventions and technology, the live scan fingering process is the preferred option for background checks over ink fingerprinting because it is faster and neater. One of the major reasons why live scan fingerprinting is preferred by most employers and lawmakers for criminal background checks is that it offers a more qualitative capturing of fingerprints. Since fingerprints are a vital part of an investigative purpose, live scan technology makes capturing fingerprints accurate. This helps limit the risk associated with criminal investigations.  With less administrative burden, the livescan fingerprinting process gets the job done quicker.

If, during an investigation process or background check, the fingerprint quality is poor, as the applicant, you will have to repeat the process, thus increasing the time of getting the job done. However, in live scan fingering, if the quality of the fingerprint is poor, the scanner will indicate it immediately.

What Record Does the Fingerprint Background Checks Show?

If there is a match in the database, it will create a “rap sheet.” The Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) could include records of federal employment, the record of arrests, naturalization, military service, or none. In the case the rap sheet is returned, the next phase is the rap sheet reconciliation. The review will include searches of the federal, state, and/or police records, and there will also be searches for any missing data. Once the information has been completed, a decision or judgment can be made. That means if your employer requests the background checks, they will decide if the offense disqualifies you.

When are the FBI Criminal Background Checks Required?

There are several situations under which criminal background checks can be required. Irrespective of the reason to request for FBI criminal background check, they primarily have one thing in common: to ensure the eligibility and suitability of an individual. Eligibility and suitability are vital in civil applications like federal employment. When a criminal background check is done, the process is about looking up an applicant’s involvement in past crimes. According to the FBI, criminal background check is done by:

  • Officials of insured banking institutions maintain or promote the security of these financial institutions.
  • The United States government agencies and other bodies are required by federal law.
  • Law enforcement agencies request candidates in law enforcement positions to conduct criminal background checks.
  • State and local governments officials for the purpose of licensing and employment and permits, as approved by the United States’ attorney general.

Other people or organization that may also require criminal background checks include Appraisers, Care Givers, Teachers, Stock Brokers, Contractors, Doctors, Nurses, Volunteers Surgeons, Security Guards, Lawyers, etc.


Whether you are an employer who needs to conduct criminal background checks on your prospective employees or a government agency, the livescan fingerprinting service is the gold standard for criminal background checks. If you are searching for the best livescan fingerprinting near me, Certifix is available to you. This livescan fingerprinting service provider will ensure your paper is in order, capture your fingerprints electronically, process your request, and have you on your way.

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