Why should one hire a bankruptcy attorney?

There are several organizations and companies, irrespective of the scale, that fail miserably. Failure leads to the filing of bankruptcy. It involves a legal procedure where an individual or an entire business entity is unable to meet financial obligations. The process of business bankruptcy litigation is complex. Henceforth, the guidance of a bankruptcy lawyer is worth the investment as he/she assures of preparing the right type of bankruptcy for the company. One can always file for bankruptcy without an attorney, but with the amount of paperwork involved, and other legal procedures, there is a need for an expert to handle the situation smoothly.

Type of bankruptcy to file

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are generally considered when a business files for bankruptcy. Both types of bankruptcy cater to different motives and also serve distinct purposes. For example, Chapter 7 helps to get rid of debt in a short period. But it might not allow one to save his/her property if he/she fails to make timely payments and become a defaulter. Hiring an experienced attorney helps to analyze the situation practically. He/she will suggest the best course of action based on the condition. The attorney makes use of the “means test”. The test calculates whether a business qualifies for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Handle schedules and paperwork

When filing for bankruptcy, an organization will analyze financial data including income, expenses, assets, debts, and the most recent transactions. They must be filed under penalty of perjury. The presence of a business bankruptcy litigation expert makes things easier and less time-consuming. The litigation expert assists in what should be disclosed and what shouldn’t. Furthermore, he/she helps with the calculation of income, assets, expenses, and other financial data. Handling the entire schedule and completing the paperwork is not a matter of joke.

Aware of the legal procedure

Attorneys are already experts and know the entire bankruptcy procedure. When a business owner tries to file bankruptcy on his/her own, there is every possibility that he/she will forget or submit a document, or even miss the deadline. This can delay the whole bankruptcy process, and make things more complex. Getting rid of bankruptcy and the associated challenges is desired by all, and this is where lawyers can be of great help. Submitting all the documents and meeting deadlines to know about the ins and outs of the process makes the presence of bankruptcy lawyers so valuable. One can get through the entire bankruptcy process quicker and is less stressful.

Better negotiation with creditors

When one is considering bankruptcy, there is a considerable number of creditors who get in touch to collect the debt amount. This is a stressful situation where one has to answer innumerable phone calls and even reply to emails. When a bankruptcy lawyer is hired, fortunately, the harassment from the creditors will stop or decrease. This is because the business bankruptcy litigation experts will contact the creditors and explain to them the situation, and the next steps that are considered to handle debts. This also helps to lower the stress level and have peace of mind.

Better chances of success

Bankruptcy lawyers are experts in the field and aware of insider tips and strategies to execute. This increases the chances of successfully coming out of the challenging financial crisis. Since the lawyers are aware of the use of the right language in the filing application, the court will likely give favor in their favor. In addition, based on their experiences with the judge, they can also personalize and present the case accordingly. These are minute details that can bring a huge difference. The experience and knowledge are beyond comparison. Furthermore, one can be assured that his/her case will be handled by an expert who understands the whole process making the litigation journey hassle-free.


When a company undergoes financial difficulties, the individuals concerned are already stressed. It doesn’t make sense to add on the stress level by handling the complex and time-consuming bankruptcy process. Hiring an expert business bankruptcy lawyer is one of the wisest decisions one can make. Handling business bankruptcy litigation is not a simple task and demands professional opinions and strategic financial solutions. An attorney will offer professional advice and support the entire bankruptcy process.

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