Work Licences for Drink Driving QLD

Driving after having a few drinks and being over the legal alcohol limit is a serious offence, and the consequences for doing so can be severe. In Queensland, one of those possible punishments could be the need to obtain a work licence. These specialised driver’s licences allow individuals found guilty of drink or drug driving to continue getting behind the wheel and travelling to their workplace – provided they meet certain criteria specified by law. If you’ve been charged with drink driving, it’s essential you understand what options are available following your charge. Read on below for more information about applying for and obtaining a work licence in Queensland when charged with drinking or drug-affected driving offences!

What Is A Work Licence?

A work licence in Queensland is a type of licence issued by the court to allow a person who has been convicted of drink driving or drug driving to, with certain restrictions and conditions, continue to drive for work purposes only. The work licence must be applied through the court and granted by a Magistrate on a case-by-case basis. The requirements for obtaining a work licence vary depending on the offence and other personal circumstances. The applicant will need to provide evidence of employment or professional requirements which require them to drive for work reasons. If all criteria are met, the Magistrate may issue an order granting a restricted work licence.

How To Obtain A Work Licence In Queensland

The first step in applying for a work licence is to obtain legal advice as soon as possible after you have been charged. This will help to ensure that the applicant has a full understanding of the law and any potential consequences they could face. A traffic lawyer will also provide detailed information about the application process and any other requirements that need to be met for the application to be successful.

Be Prepared For Court Ahead of Time

The next step is to prepare an affidavit outlining why obtaining a work licence is necessary for the applicant’s financial well-being and general welfare. This document must include details such as reasons why they need their licence to maintain their employment and any extenuating circumstances which have led them to commit the offence (e.g., medical conditions). All supporting evidence for these claims must be included in this affidavit.

Lodge Your Application

Finally, applicants must lodge an application form with the court along with all required documents such as their driver’s license and proof of insurance coverage. They must also pay an application fee and provide proof they are not under an individual bond or bail agreement at the time of lodging their application form. After submitting all required paperwork, applicants may need to appear in court where a magistrate will ultimately decide whether or not a work licence should be granted.

Who Will Not Be Eligible For A Work Licence?

  • If a person has been charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle, or a similar offence, then they will not be eligible for a work licence in Queensland.
  • If the person has been charged with drink driving (DUI) more than twice within five years, then they are not eligible for a work licence in Queensland.
  • People who have been convicted of drug driving in the last 10 years will also not be eligible for a Work Licences QLD.
  • Any person found to be under the influence of drugs while driving or attempting to drive is ineligible for a work licence.
  • People who do not meet the relevant criteria as set out by the Department of Transport and Main Roads are also not eligible for a work licence in Queensland.
  • Anyone who has had their driver’s license suspended or cancelled due to any offence relating to dangerous driving, including drink driving, will not be able to apply for a work licence in Queensland.

What Are The Conditions Of A Work Licence?

In Queensland, work licences are a form of licence restriction designed to allow people who have been charged with certain drink or drug driving offences to continue with their employment. The conditions of a work licence differ depending on the type and severity of the offence. Generally, they are subject to the following conditions:

  • First and foremost, any person applying for a work licence must demonstrate that they have ‘exceptional circumstances’ in order to be granted one. This generally requires showing that there would be an extreme hardship caused by not having access to a licence.
  • The applicant also has to provide evidence that they need a licence to maintain their employment or line of business. This could mean providing information about their job, such as how far away it is from them, what times they are required to work and how much income they require from the job.
  • Finally, work licences may also limit when and how a person can drive whilst under its terms. For example, some licences may only permit driving during specific hours or limited distances from home or place of employment. In addition, some licences may also impose restrictions on what vehicle can be driven based on its engine size or power output. Additionally, you may need to have an Alcohol Interlock Device fitted to your vehicle.


In conclusion, the process of accessing a work licence in Queensland can be complex and daunting. However, if you take the time to understand your charges and the legalities involved, it is more than possible to obtain favourable results. It is vital that you seek a lawyer’s advice early in the proceedings so that you have the best chance of obtaining a work licence. By clearly understanding Queenslands traffic laws and relevant policy decisions, an experienced solicitor can guide you through this process and equip you with sound advice. If you are ever facing charges concerning driving convictions or suspensions, consulting an experienced solicitor is always recommended for obtaining the best outcomes for your case. Contact the traffic law experts at Drink Driver Lawyer to learn more.

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